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Our food substances must be a medicine, and our medicine must be food substances.


Hello, you already have a club number to buy Coral Club products with a 20% discount.

If you have not made your first order yet, you need to activate your club number.

Well, if you have already made your first order – enjoy your health with Coral Club!

Club number activation

To activate your club number (CCI ID) and become a full user, you must purchase products for at least 12 points (approximately 16 euros) within 90 days after registration. You can do this at any of the Coral Club sales offices or online store.

Do not forget to click the “Login” button and enter your club number and password!

If you do not make an order within 90 days from the date of registration, your club ID number (CCI ID) will be canceled. To order goods with a -20% discount, you will need to re-register and get another Club number (CCI ID).

If you don’t have a club number yet, you can also get it for FREE!

Coral Club - Benefits for you

Link to the official store: https://us.coral-club.com

Do not forget to click the "Login" button and enter your club number and password!

Members of the Coral Club receive a 20% discount on all products, enjoy promotions and have the opportunity to develop their personal business.

The club number will always be active if you place an order at least once a year.

Coral Club - frequently asked questions

Not! You can only be a consumer and buy all products directly from the manufacturer with a 20% discount.

No obligations

All information about order delivery can be found here: Order delivery

Yes, if there is a sales office in your city.

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